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All matches are based on the things that really matter to you so there is a better chance of building a deeply committed relationship with someone you meet through us.

The Roman Catholic Church is the world's largest religious group and it extends to every continent.Many Catholics feel strongly about issues at the heart of modern relationships, and for many single Catholics looking for love, it can be fulfilling to find someone who understands and shares their point of view and who can celebrate it with them.But even within one faith there can be many viewpoints and a diversity of lifestyles.With e Harmony you can take a free personality test to define clearly what your key attributes, values and attitudes to relationships are.This is what allows us to find deeply compatible matches for you.So, while strong families and local communities are an important part of Catholic life, so too is an international outlook and a sense of worldwide community.

A Catholic in the Philippines may have more in common and share more key values with a Catholic in the UK than with a member of another religion from their own country.

Therefore it is not surprising that among Catholic single men and women there are many international relationships, and world Catholic dating is a reality.

e Harmony matches you with fellow Catholics, based on key dimensions of compatibility, including values and beliefs At e Harmony, the power is in your hands.

Get matched with people within 30 kilometres of you, throughout the UK or anywhere in between!

Join today and meet fellow Catholic singles for free For many devout Catholics, their faith is the single most important influence in their life – it forms the basis of their spirituality, their education and their community.

The Catholic faith is a religion based on family values and commitment to a life partner, so it is no wonder that it is important to many Catholics to share their lives with a partner who also shares their faith and values.

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