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IV.— THE MANNER OF ARRANGING THE VERB CONJUGATIONS: AND THE REFERENCE BY NUMBER TO SUCH CONJUGATIONS FROM THE TEXT OF THE DICTIONARY. i ; i : : S i » •* " H ''''.' g s ^ MOUDRE, To Avoi -i 3 = 5 = ^= . • '- '" ' ~ 'Sr ~ : i Q iz; o •-9 Jiiiiir c o) g- ^^ 2 UI o-, a u .2 ; tf J 2; ~ i- 9 M ■" -3 ! UI -" ^"^ - ■r 1 0- S $ 3 J S s UI-3 2 q 2:1^ 2 i,t- ■= 3 o § CO UI ! officer] _'S IN'QUEST enquete en presence du cadavre COR'ONET [fcor'-e-rie-t] : petite couronne COR'PORALcaporal [in cavalry) brigadier [a.) corporel | lly ad. [erige) en corporation A point (S") means silent, or QN" LL" L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. to corresiwnd : to commu- nicate [«&) to run in connection with | Se , To correspond : to be well matched COR'RIDOR _ : passage COR'RIG^ corrected copy [livre) key (de, to] Cor Tiger' va. to corrode ike-rodel COR'ROI puddling : composition : finish Cor'rompre va. full-bodied [vulg) ' first-rate ' CORSELET- _ Icor'-s Uttl Corser" v. I" st»te CORVEE compulsory labour : statute labour [tech) job [X) work : fatigue-party Ubesogne ingrate) drudgery : ' piece of D ' | Faire , To be disappointed CORVETTE ,— CORYPHt E leader | C_, leading ballet-grr J CORYZA _ [fam) cold in the head COSAQUE [ko-zack'] Cossack Ikoss-e-k] COSINUS Iko-seeniis'] cosine [fninn] COSM^TIQUE [) class [Pour les s de navires, V. On finit par \ He got killed, II s'est fait tuer | I have got him to come, Je I'ai fait venir | He got his leg broken, II s'est casse la janibe \ It will — smashed, Cela se cassera ] To taken in, Se laisser attraper | Try and him to, Decidez- le a ... to suck (up, in] to breathe : to swallow [prise de tabac) to take H' UMEUR hu'mour 0=^ [hioume-r. mortifying : humiliating HUMILIATION" — [hioumilieene-nn] H'umilier' va. III.— THE ARRANGEMENT OF BOTH THE FRENCH-ENGLISH AND ENGLISH-FRENCH DIVISIONS CONCURRENTLY ON THE SAME PAGE. [Ijeef) saler [gunpowder) grener CORN' CRAKE roi des eailles : rale de genet CORNE'LIAN Inile-ye-nu'] cornaline COR'NER coin fea [interior) encoignure [tech) etrniere [monopoly) monopole | In the , [F. de Cornouailles | DIALECT patois de C I _ RIVIE'RA, cote (sud) de C CORNO'PEAN inop-ye-nn'] cornet a pistons CORNUCO'PIA lymi-kope-i-al come d'abon- CORO'NA couronne (.solaire} \_dance CORONA'TION couronnement COR'ONER [fcor'-e-Jie-r] _ [Eng. _ive | CORRELATION" _ CORRESPONDANCE _dence : letters (pi] [«Sl, etc.) connection : through connection : running in connection (with] correspondence ticket I Carte- , Post-card | P&ite [journal] Answers to correspondents COR-RESPONDANT- -E _dent : guardian [a.) corresponding (a, witli, to) de guerre, War correspondent Cor Tespondre rn. [To 'Get' followed by a past participle or an adjective, is generally rendered by the reflective verb in French, as, married, Se marier : drunk, S'enivrer] [obtain) se procurer [receive) recevoir [have) avoir [find) trouver [catch) attraper [acquire) acquerir [earn) gagner : toucher [win) rem- porter [learn) apprendre [reach) atteindre : arriver a (at, to, ...] [in, into, en) se mettre [make, force, cause to be done) faire : se faire [put, and in nautical language) mettre [beget) engendrer | One s at last to. CHESTNUT] -CLIPPER [instr.] tondeiise] -CLOTH hoiisse-.cotiveriure | -DAISY [de-zil grande marguerite | -DEALER marchand de chevaux | -DOCTOR veterinaire | -DUNG crottin de cheval [agr) fumier | -EXERCISE 4qiiitation \ -FAIR marche aux chevaux | FLESH viande de cheval | To be fond of _ FLESH, Aimer les chevaux [etre "turfiste'] -FLY taon | -GEAR manege | -GUARDS (pi] garde du corps [war office) ministere de la guerre | _HAIR crin | _ JOBBING maquignonnage | -JOCKEY maquignon | -LAUGH {JLaffi gros rire | -LEECH grosae sangsue \ -PISTOL pistolet d'ar^on | -POND abreuvoir | -POWER cheval-i JOjettr [a.) de ... Sailors' , Hotel des invalides | _ ATTENDANT, _ NURSE, infirmier -tere | _ 'SUNDAY' jour de gttete (en faveiir des hopitaux] -SHIP vaisseau-hopital asp HOST hote | To reckon without one's , Compter sans son hote asp HOST arwie'e : foule [consecrated wafer) Jiostie I He's a in himself, a lui seul il vaut une armie \ The heavenly , La troupe ce- leste I asp HOS'TAQE otage | asp HOST'- ELRY Jiotellerie \ asp HOS'TESS hotesse H'OS'T'LER garn nas] a | merit' ad. to moisten [linge) to damp | S' , iplaisj To ' have a drop of something ' asp Humer' va.

conjonction : conjuguer : plais liar plaisanterie : in fun conjugaisoii poet poetiquemeut const constrt Ktion : building polit politique ' pop populaire "^ cuts cuisine : cookery t eye cycle : cycling pp. feminin : feminine prep, preposition fain style familier pret. pronom : pronoun fort fortification sculp sculpture fr francais : French se pr. The initiator and inspirer of this work, John Bellows, has not lived to see its publication. kaoutche] canape [sick-bed) lit de repos [tech) couche Iva.) coucher [express) rediger [cataract) abaisser ivn.) baisser GRASS [pr. flowing : free[noeud) running [style) fluent {jers) easy COUL^ slide : ground colour \imis.) slur COUi EE running-hand [tace) flow [c/iasse)run Faire la a. To bring tears into ...'s eyes | Les larntes coulent de ses yeux, Tears trickle down his clieeks | de sofirce, To come spontaneously va. compenser | ing DUTY, droit compensateur 5 COUN'TERWEIG-HT contrepoids [25 c. sur 1 COUN'TING compte [ballot) depouillement I -HOUSE bureau VCount'less a. campagnard COUN'TRY pays [geology & phys.) contree [mining) stampe [rural dist.) campagne (-s] [oppased to metropolis) province [a.) de P : i de village | Across , a travers champs I In the round Paris, Aux environs de P ^ [ ou District round is often replaced by a i special word : as. Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. had just come out of a band-box _ a CHAPEAU hat-pin | _ de CRATATE EPINOLETTE pricker ^ Ltiepin Ejriniere a. d [i Mi'-bridd'i mongrel I HYDRAULIQUE —ics (pi] ■g H'ydraulique a. ideaux*] ideal IDEE idea B^ : notion : hint : thought : out- line : shade | a son In his own way I II me revient a V , It recurs to me | Changer d' , To change ones mind | J'ai I rather think | Je n'en ai pas , I have no notion | A-t-on — I What an idea ! eie] idiocy : imbecility IDIOTISME [teece-m'i idiom Imaladie) idiocy IDOLATRE [ee] idol'ater [a.) idol'atrous [i, a«] Idolftlrer" va. Pommier, Apple-tree : Groseil- lier, Currant-bush, etc. Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. he : it : tliere [en parlant d'un navire) she I y a, There is : tliere are IV. partioipe passe ; past dr droit : law participle ilectr electrieite : electricity se prononce gen genie : engineering sing singulier : singular »e'03 geographic subj. But at his death in 1902 he left behind him something of greater value even than the manu- script upon which he loved to labour ; for in the memory of his life and work lay just that inspiration to continue to the end, which has so often been the needed mainstay of the reviser. koutch} chiendent A point (S*) means silent, or GN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. [et Jis) to strain [linge) to steep [metal) to cast : to run [pierre) to grout [mils) to slur [furtivement) to drop | bas, a fond, To sink \xers) to ' do for ' [sujet) to exhaust | ' Se la dotice ', To 'take it easy' COVLEVR colour : paint [cartes) suit | ... cou PRANQAIS-ANGLAIS COU COULOIR strainer larch) passage : lobby : cor- ridor i Alpes, etc.) 'couloir' : steep gully [J) gangway | Train a . ^tats-Unis) vestibuled T COJJi OZi JB strainer I COULOMB" [wbnas] — COULPE guilt : trespasses (pi] fsmall grapes COULTJRE running [raisin) dropping of tlie COUP" \koo'\ [de poing, marteau) blow [leger : de piston, plume, tech) stroke [tres leger, et de pinceau) toucli [main onverte) slap [de coude) nudge [A'aile) Hap [d'eipe'e, tdionnette) tlirust [de poignard, etc.) stab [en coupant) cut [con- Uision) wound : bruise [(X'epingle) prick [de fusil, etc.) sliot [bruit de fusil) report [bruit en gener.) sound [de tambour) beat : roll [de trompette) blast [de tonnerre) peal [echecs, cartes, etc.) move [d'aviron, etc.) pull : stroke laction de jeter) throw [de tilet) haul : cast [nivellement) sight [fig) liit: act: effort: stroke: blow : shock : turn : fit : outburst [V. | Moelle , Spinal marrow tp INOCHE stickleback EPIPHANIE _ny | Kpique a. to pick • to sort : to wash tials ^SPOUSE wife : spome \ EPOXJSEE bride "'fepouser" va. [fig) to espouse [tech) to adapt itself to : to fit fipousse'ter" va. to be frightened ou terrified (de, at] t POUX- -USE husband, »d/'e [plais.. spaonze] [pi) couple : hus- band and imfe | Deux jeunes , A young cou- _ pie I Les B, B and his iinfe | ses. ic | Ome , Hydraulic ^HYDRAVION" hy'droplane L^rane js HYDRE hydra ~ HYDROAEROPLANE _ YDROCEPHALE water on the brain SHYDROGfe NE hy'drogen •^H-YDROPATHE [in jest] ' water doctor ' :|if • YDROPHOBIE —pho'bia «H"jdropique a. then] in the meantime | D' a 3 mois, In 3 months from now | Jusqu' Hitherto : till now [lieu) here : as far as this | Par , This war I Ici-bas' o A. ( On ne peut lui oter cela de I' , One can't get it out of his head | Inmineiise, Bright idea | fixe. to worship [fig) to i'dolize [i, at] IDOLATRIE idol'atry [a V-do H'-e-fr^] Idol Strique a idol'atrous IDOLE i'dol [ai-de-q IDYLLS idyl ...l ER" termination answering frequently to ... subjonctif «/e'ot geologic tech mot technique : tech- ge'o»i geometric nical word ffram grammairc typ typographic : printing hist histoire : history V. Another name to be remembered witii gratitude for good work done in days gone by, is that of the late Professor Alexandre Beljame, whose services — so valuable in the revision of the original edition — were unfortunately not available in the preparation of the present one. LOI"] _S et BLESSURES" assault : aggravated assault I Les TROIS' S', signal in French theatres for raising the curtain k coups ■ [v M Pulling :' All together! ILS [pi] entrailles EX'TRAXCE [eiin'-tre-nnce] entree feo (to. ep'ic fe PISCOPAl pa'lian [pe] [a.) epis'copal £PISCOPAT"bishopric[eveques) bench of bish- ^PISODE [s z] _ [s f] incident Lops fipisser' fa. to dust : to brush : to brush down [fig) to ' give ... frightful [-inenf -Uy] t POUVANTAIL" scarecrow [fig) bugbear EPOUVANTE fright : terror | fepouvanter' va. dropsical CHYDROPISIE dropsy °-H-YDROPLANE _ in HYDROQUINONE — fhydrop'athy Uh YDROTHERAPIE [or -APEUTIQUE2 c H' ydrotlreraplque a. hypothet'ical [h asp] Jf ' YSOPK hvssop [h aspl H- YSTERIE hyster'ics (pi] B3» [h asj] H'ysli'rique a. To make ever'thing as clear as possible l AMBE [* ianabique a.] iam'bic [a'i-atnmi IBERIDE candv-tuft | ICEBERQ _ »3^ IBIS _ [a V-biss] ICHNEUMON" _ [nie-nn] Ici ad. here below : in this world ICONOCLASTE _ast [a.) _astic \di-di-T\ ID^AL [pi. Obsession : morbid thought | s noires, Despondency Idem ad. a 4 «l oj Tu I ■ •» DICTIONARY OF FRENCH AND ENGLISH ENGLISH AND FRENCH COMPILED BY JOHN BELLOWS RKVISED AND ENLARGED BY HIS SON WILLIAM BELLOWS WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF Auou STK Marrot Gustav^k Fbiteau Of/Icier de V Inslruction Pii Uiqve, Professettr d' Anglais an Lycie Hoehe, Etc. ri"^HE present work has been designed to provide tlie student with the enlarged edition of J_ Bellows' "French and English Pocket Dictionary," for whicli he has long been asking. bent COUDEE cubit: arm's length | Ses —s tranches, Elbow-room : full scope [dans, a, of) ' run ' COU-DE-PIED" instep COUDOIEMENT- elbowing Coudoyer" va. to COULIS' [ci(is) gravy soup [juafon) grout | Un vent A draught COULISSE groove : slide [theat) side-scene : green-room i Boxirse) outside brokerage Hyp) slip-galley Ipresse) rib [habits) slip-stitched plaiting Imach a vap) connecting link | ... The ,..s who have suffered by the war EPROUVETTE gauge Ichimie) test-tube t PUISEMENT" drainage [fig) exhaustion Impulse -e pp. to drain : to exhaust : to pump out : to wear out : to waste [typ) to set ... _ ^QU-ILIBRE —brium : balance | En In E Equ'ilibrer" va. worthy of esteem ESTIMATEUR appraiser Estimatif -ive a. In a position [ou fit state] to : ready to (ou for] Hors d' de, Not able to I ' Dans tons ses s, ' Very much up- set I Homme d' , Statesman | Ministre d' , Cabinet minister | Remettre en To ' put ... '_, Height of S I Se niettre en , To put on one's S clothes | , L'_ de la SAINT^-MARTIN-St. extensive : wide : long : diluted ETENDUE extent : length [d'ime w«x) com- l pass [d'ttne riviere) reach L't TERNEL, The Lord (Jehovah] Kternel -lie a. ical ^TIAQE low-water mark | a 1' , When the water is at its lowest imaree) at low-water fitincelanf -e a. to sparkle [astre.s) to twinkle | ETINCELLE spark I MENT" sparkling [astres) twinkling £tiole -e a. to ticket iphar^nacie) to label ETIQUETTE _ : ceremony : label : ticket ^TIRAGE drawing : drawing-frame fitirer" va. giddy • thoughtless | a I'itourdie, [or Elouiilimenf ad.] Heedlessly £toui'dir va. humain -e [-ly, -ement] compatissant | Royal _ SOCIETY'S MEDAL [in France 'niedailles de sauvetage' are given by Minist. plaisamment : drolement asp HU'MOUR [.hiou-me-rlhumeur : caractere : caprice [witty) plaisatiterie : 'humour' [va.) complaire a : se preter a : laisser faire [in cutting out) etriquer | If the takes me. ie-nn'] IMAGINATIVE [the) imagination : power of I Imag ine -e a. to imagine : to design [fam) to contrive : to manage | S' , To imagine ^IMB^CILE [or-tioune1 va. imposer upon, en faire accroire a IMPO'SINGr imposition [a.) imposant _ STONE marbre IMPOSI'TION iziche-nn^ _ [school) pensum [swindle) imposture : tronvperie Imposs'ible [se-6e-J] a. impregiier (with, IM'PRESS impression : empreinte Impress' va. Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2007 with funding from IVIicrosoft Corporation OObelluoft ':ii KEY-WORD ABBREVIATIONS (Abreviations) The key- word 3 given between brackets f which most uf the following are abbreviations) are usually given in French for the French part, and vice versa. adverbe (steam-engine) airo adro)iai Uiq,ice, aviation math mathematiqiies agr agricidtitre mauv.jmrt, en mauvaise part : anat anatomic : anatomy in a depreciatory sense aiig anglais : Eng Ush me'c mecanique arch architect7tre m M medecine : chirurgie : - ! Ver.iailles (THIRD Ji DITION) )#^^ LONGMANS, GREEN & COMP 39 Paternoster Row. The features of that little book — its originality of arrangement and design, and its general usefulness — have been familiar, for many years, to innumerable travellers on both sides of the Channel and of the Atlantic: owing to its merits, it has in fact come to be regarded much more as the friend and companion of its possessor, than as a dictionary in the ordinary meaning of the wont. to elbow : to jostle i Se , To jostle one another COUDRAIE hazel-copse : filbert-C : thicket COS ENGLISH-FRENCH COU Cost'ly a. a Sliding I Dans la , Behind the scenes | Faire les yeux en , To look askance COULISSIER" outside broker COU ENGLISH-FRENCH COU COUGH Ikoff : o dans sori] totix \ Hooping , Cogtielticlie | I have a , Je suis enrhume | -LOZENGES pates pectorales Cough vn. expectorer CODGH'ING totix | A fit of _, Une quinte Coul'd [cottdd] V. | I , Je puis : je pouvais : j'ai pu [condit.) je pourrais [subj.) je puisse | I have, (followed by past parti- ciple) J'aurais pu (with infinitive] If I have seen, Si javais pu voir | How I .... out EPVISETTE landing-net EPf/'i JATJOA' "purifying : purification [m6t'l) , refining IV. to balance EQVILL'E [in Norraand}'] sand-eel ^QU'INOXE equinox | _xlal -e a. egalement E'QUAXIM'ITY egalite' dame EQ'UERRY ecuver EQUES'TRIAN [e-»iw] [* a.] equestre EQUILI'BEIUM equilibre | In _, En t | To lose its , Perdre I'Tt Equip' [-ppe'd. equiper [with plant, tecli) outiller MENT equipement : fourniment : outillage £quiv'ocate [t-fconn'0-fce' one's , S'evader i To have a narrow , .& i'echapper belle | FIRE- , echelle de sau- K vetage | va. estimated I :6tat , Estimate ESTIMATION" — : estimate B04 ESTIME esteem [J) to reckon | Route e'e. to turn out (cattle) for the summer ESTOC point of a sword : stock | Frapper d' et de taille, To cut and thrust | Cioupe a blanc I Cut clean to the ground ESTOCADE thrust | _r- vn. to rights' [ouiii order] Officier de 1' CIVIL, Registrar | I^es _S- Gfe N^RAUX- or States General = Representative assembly, during Fr. ETA PRANg AIS-ANGLAIS ETR ETAU vice | d'etabli, Bench-vice | a main, Hand-vice | -LIMEUR shaping-machine Klayer' va. sickly : weakly : blighted fe TIOLEMENT" etiolation : blanching s'Etio Ier" vr. to stretch [metal) to draw | S' , ETISIE consumption LTo stretch o's ETOFFE stuff : material (_s, pi] condition 1 S' ityp\ wear and tear | V va. furnished : plump : am- ^ pie [j)ers, fam) well dressed : well off ETOILE star : crack [typ) asterisk ( * ] _ filante. to be aston ished : to wonder : to be frightened (de, at] II ne faut pas s' de, One can't wonder at ... to stun : to deafen : to astound : to deaden | S' , T o forget one's troubles (etc.] to lose o's Cde, in] £toui*dissant' -e a. B stranger (pour, to ...] [dun autre pays) foreigner [pays) foreign countries (pi] exportation | a 1' , Abroad a. i Table 79] II est des gens qui ..., There are people who ... | Ce sont vos enfants qui ..., It is your children who ... It is I | 'Vous etes impardonnable d'avoir agi ainsi. of the Interior] asp Hu'manize Ihiou-me-na Xz'] va. Si I'envie m'en prend | In a good De bonne humeur | In the , En train | Good- e'd a. | I find it to ..., Je me trouve dans I'impossibilitede ... IM'POST [poste'] impot [arch) impaste IMPOS'TURE Iposs'-tehe-ri _ : tromperie IM'POTENCE fea impuissance fsant Im'potent limm'po-te-nnttl a. imprimer (upon, a] graver [affect) penetrer (with, de] impressionner [with, de) arrimer [seamen, V. 1 •.■ Wh ftre s word it almost Identical In the two languages, It is given in tlils list in French only, to save repetition. ■ ' argot : slang surgery astr astronomie met metal : metallurgy auto automobile : motor-car min niineralogie : mines bias blason : heraldry wilts ))uist7iie : music hot botaniqtte : botany on pr. The present volume is but the logical development of that work — reproducing its leading features, in more extended form, for the benefit of those who stay at home; and aiming to be as useful in the class-room, the office or the library, as its little forerunner has shown itself in the field of travel. ■*^'.2 3 "2 .2 Ill ft ft 2 '© 3 ^ fef t« 3 Q ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■ » ^ ^ » *J « •5 a a "S -3 =5 ~ .2 .t; .b .i r= $1 N E s « 1 i 1 W 3 c o = = - o o oo '5 ■^ " g If "5 . co Oteux : somptueux : precieux : onereux | To be very Couter bien cher CO'SY [fcoze] couvre-tfteiere [a.) a I'aise : con- fortable COT lit (d'enfant] cotcchette [swing ) barce- lonnette [Jf) cadre | Dove- , C-olombier | Sheep- , Bercail : pare Co-ter'minous a. d'eau, de chair, de paille] a I'tutile, Oil-C | Claire, foncee, Light, dark C | so Jide, Fast C I S' [ X] colours I Boite de s. Comment voulez-vous que je ...(foil, by subj.] CO'DLTER [ou 6] coutre (de chamtei /COTJN'CIL conseil [ecclesiastical) concile | (Dommon [ou Town] , 0nseil municipal j Cabinet , Conseil des ministres | Privy , C prive | -CHAMBER cliambre du conseil COUN'CILLOR [{e-r] conseiller COUN'SEL conseil : deliberation : dessein „ [lawyer) avocat : defenseur {va.) conseiller | •- To keep one's own , N'en parler a per- ^ Sonne | COUN'SELLOR conseiller : avocat £ COUNT [pers] comte ■" COUNT compte [law) chef d'occitsotton 'u Count va. charger (with, de] EN'TRY entree [of name) inscription [inwards. SE'WAGE] EPURE plan : draught : working drawing fipurer' va. to square [ecorcher) to kill and skin I ^QU'ARRISSAGE squaring : square- ness : killing and skinning ! _ctial ^QU'IPAQE iek' ouipedjel equipment [vot- ture) carriage [d'un navire) crew | Triste , Sad plight I Maitre d' Second mate | Train des s, Army Service Corps EQU ENGLISH-FRENCH Qu se prononce comme dans giioi EQU E'quable a. echapper a [avoid) eviter [vn.) * [miss) echapper [to get away) s'e [conj. escorter ESCOR'TER cavalier ESCRITOIR'E ecritoire : secretaire ESCUT'CHEON less-ke-tchemi] ecusson ESPAR'TO [for paper] alfa Es|)e'cial Iclte-l} d. surtout : particulierement [beg) instamment ESPLANA'DE [iie'de] e_ : digtte : promenade ] fashion pieces L'itres ESTAME [* a. Dead reckoning | S' , To consider o's : to think highly of o's Estival-e a. to thrust ESTOMAC" stomach [poitrine) breast | 'Avoir de r ,' To have plenty of pluck ' Estomaquer' ' va. monarchy, of the 3 'etats' or sections of society : clergy, nobility and com- moners or 'tiers etat.' Transformed in 1789 into the Assembles Nationale | PAYS' d' s, District having local governm't as opposed to Pays A'eleetion, or District under jurisdiction of 'EIus' [judges appointed by the Crown to assess the ' taille,' etc.] -MAJOR staff [lieu) statt'-office [4) ship's officers (pi] Carte de r - , Ordnance map [Scale 1 : SO. The English 1 inch to the mile is 1 : 63,360] t TATISTE partisan of State socialism A point (S') means silent, or ON" LL" L' liquid two points (S") no liaison- mi] Substantives in Capitals. Shooting S | Coucher a to be JIe , To sleep in the open air | Ne sous tine mauvaise , Ill-starred | Monsieur trois _s, [«■**] Mr. to stud (de, with] to star : to crack | _ s'Etol Icr' vr. deafening £TOURDISSEMENT"[pers)giddiness[flg)blow ^TOURNEAU starling [fig) thoughtless fellow Eti*angc a. strange : foreign (a, to] unfamiliar EST ENGLISH-FRENCH EUG £stab'lish va. It was unpardonable of you to behave so | Depuis combien de temps etes- 2 vous h. humaniser asp Hum'kle Uie-mm-be-t] a [means, home) modeste [va.) humilier : abaisser | To eat PIE [Datl Filer doux -BEE Ib'i] bourdon asp HUM'BLE'NESS humilite : modestie asp Hum'bly [)ie-mm-ble] ad. plaisant : gai : bon : enjoue asp HUMP [Ue-mmpel basse | 'BACK ou / HUNCH'BACK [& a. Hang] [beef) fume I asp HUNQA'RIAN [ghe'i [ very J'ai tres faim \ I'm as as a ,^ hunter, J'ai une F de loup fharbares asp HUNS [pi] les' Huns | "Modern ,' Neo- [324] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. Press] A point (S') means silent, or QN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison.

on prononce build building (construction) o's one's self : soi-meme ch chose : en parlant des CUV ouvrage , c7ioscs(i.e. It is not a simple matter, in a book like this, to suit the needs of every reader upon all occasions ; neither is it easy, where space is a consideration, to avoid the sacrifice of certain words of secondary value which may yet be full of interest and meaning. SS»,| 2.2.2 : 0.2 2 i.2.2 'S • .2 « , S .1; .t; -O -5 - ■ = i 2 3 H 1 § s M 1 s ^ Hi - r 3 73 ■o =5 ^ -S '.3 ^ , g s j; * s 2 5 =0 .2 s ■D .2 s 2 H 1 1. contigu COTT'AGE [te-dje'] chamniere [genteel) villa : maison | HOSPITAL petit hopital a la campagne \ _R [poet. (Ta Me 55) to sew: to tack [bouton) to sew on Ibroclmre) to stitch [fig) to ' tack ' COUDRIER" hazel on filbert (tree] COVENNE [kicanii\ rind (of bacon] Coiienneiise [fctrann] a. to] to flow : to glide : to slip : to slide [baril) to leak [clmnde Ues. COUN'TERFOIL sotiche JCOUN'TERMAND contre-ordre i va. contremander [com) decomraander .» COUN'TERPANE [pe'«e] couvre-pieds g COUN'TERPART contre-partie : pendant g [law) double COUN'TERPOINT [mus] contrepoint -COUN'TERPOISE [poize : o dans sort] con- ti trepoids (to, a] Iva.) contre-balancer CCOUN'TERSCARP contrescarpe "^COUN'TERSIGN [sdinn^ mot dordre 2 va. \ In my , Dans mon pays | •« Wine of the Vin du pays | -DANCIE contredanse \ -HOUSE, -SEAT ftmison de campagne : chateau | LIFE la vie cham- petre [or de province\ MAN, WOMAN [pi. "jj outwards : e, Blackthorn | dorsale, — du dos, Spine : back-bone | -VINETf E ^ barberry BPINETTE spinet [volaille) chicken-feeder fiplneux'-«fse a. (Table 59) to be taken : to be rather taken (de, with] EPREUVE proof : trial : test i ^chargee. Boisd' , Scant- lings (pi] ^QU-ARRISSEMENT" squaring | D'_, Square t QUARRISSEUR knacker fe QUATEUR —tor [t-fcotie] [pays) Ecuador EQUATION- — EQU'ERRE .square : elbow [a dessin) set'- _ square j D' Square! egal : uniforme E'QUAL [t-fco«e-J] egal-e | S pareils : egaux E'qual a. icith Etrei _cl CONVICT, evade du bagne VESCA'PE-MENT [tech] echappement ESCHEAT' [ess-tchite] desherencelvn.) tomher en D I ed to. d'_] worsted ESTAMINET" beer-shop and coffee-house : tap : smoking-room fbing : squeeze (^ESTAMPAQE stamping Id'mscriptions) rub- I ESTAMPE print [loutil) stamp ^•Estamper' va. to ' take one's breath away ' ESTOMPE stump | r' vites) statement of account [V. What's-his-name | de MER star-fish j MENT" star-shaped crack : starring £toile -e a. to crack ETOLE stole [tole : tech) boiler-plate Etonnaininent' ad. wonderful : astonishing : sur- prising I Et rien d' ! etablir : fonder : confirmer [com- pany, etc.) constituer ; fonder | e'd pp. humblement asp HUM'BUG [he-mm-be-g] farceur : "blagueur': 'fumiste' [a quack or impostor) charlatan | He's an old — [a deep one] C'est un vieux malin [or, un ruse compere] Tories and Radi- cals are regular _S, Les Tories et les Radi- caux sont de veritables fumistes | A con- temptible _, Un pleutre | HUMBUG blague' [quackery) charlatanisme | That's all _! _e'd] bossu -e I asp HUNCH chanteau : miclie [hump) bosse I asp HUN'DRED [=: Des ce»itatnes de fots [or 'des milliersdefow'] I To yield a fold, Rapporter au centuple | -■WEIG'HT [cwt.'] cinquante kilos \asp Hun'dredlli a. Words common to l)oth languages are given in the French division only.

speaking of part, partifiipe : participle things as contra-dis- peint pcinture : painting tinguished from per- pers personne cheni chemistry Lsons) phot photographie chim chiniie phys physique com commerce : commercial pi pluriel : plural COf O'. In the compilation of these pages, tlie aim has been to comprise such portions of the French and English languages as will serve for all the ordinary purposes of the life we live to-day; for, as Littre so well puts it in liis preface, " I'usage conteraporain est le premier et le principal objet d'un dictionnaii-e." And not only have the ordinary or daily requirements of the general reader been considered, but this dictionary will be found to contain its full share of technical words and combinations, alive, it is believed, with the life that is the joy of the translator, and derived, wherever possible, from the most authoritative sources. ■= o 00 ^ i ^ O tf ® I 09 .2 O a I— I O I o s B^ ^ H -s P^ ^ O o CO CO 0) = o Qj u 5 £ 01 Ph g ■i-t ■ 7 Q ^ z 2 2 c- J 56 =; ^_S a ■3 - "0 a 3 ........ COTT'AR] paysan COTT'ER [tech] clavette COTT'ON coton fea : colonnade [ for shirts) madapolam : raancliester [ cambric) per- cale [grey cloth) percaline | Darning , S C plat I Sewing Fil d'Ecosse | Printed C Indienne | DISTRICT district cotonnier I g MANUFACTURE industrie cotonniere \ -MILL filature de coton | -PLANT cotonnier —WASTE dechets de coton | -WOOL otiate COUGH [pr. \ Angine Diphtheria COVF-FE rush basket (Soutli of Fr.] COUQUAR puma ffig) waste COULAQE running : scalding [metaux) casting COULANT' slide | _-e a. du nez, etc.) to run [fruits) to drop off [^^) to sink : to slip [niocft) to slide : to run [temps) to pass away i Faire , [verser) to spill [faira glisser) to slip | Faire les larrnes de .... contre-signer 1 COUN'TERSINK fraise iva.) noyer : fraiser Countervail' va. -men, -vxmien] paysan -nwe [fellow- ) compatriot« | PAR'SON cure de village | ^ SQUIRE gentilhomme campagnard [164] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Ita Xie. au piege : at- traper (into, dans] Enlrea't [Intel va. thorny [sujet) knotty \pers) captious : 'cantankerous ' t PINGLE pin : peg | Tirer son _ du jeu, ' To get well out of it' | Coups d' [fig] Pin-pricks | S' [pi] pin-money | Tire a giiatre s, 'In one's best bib and tucker' : looking as if ... Foul proof I Seconde , Revise | a V , Well-tried : firm I a r de .... egal [pers) de force (to, a] to the undertaking, a to liatiteur de to tache { Not to. to stamp [fam) to 'have' i ESTAMPILL-E stamp (mark] I Estampiirer'aia. HUR FRANg AIS-ANGLAIS HYS asp HURLEMENT" howling : yelling : howl : yell asp Hurler' vn. to yell asp HURLEUR howler [a.) howling HURLUBERLU madcap asp HUSSARD" hussar B34 asp HVTTE hut : shed | _ de Sots' Log-hut f HYACINTHE lee-a-sant] _th H'ybride a. identical oraj [-menf -lly] , IDENTITE _ty | Plaqtie d'_, I disc i OIOME ffo) language : dialect IDIOT- -E id'iot [id-ye-f\ [a.) idiot'ic IDIOTIE [pr. II ignore | He's an FELLOW" C'est un igno- rant I ly ad. pretendre [or vouloir] ignorer : \^ ne faire aticttne attention a [326] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type : before verbs, Italic. EUe] i LE island : isle [ilot de nuxisons) block ILIADE _d Um-e-a] Illegal -e a. [enfant) illegitimate [acte) un- lawful [de lot) spurious [-menf -ly," -lly] ILLEGITIMITE illegitimacy : unlawfulness: spuriousness Illettr^ -e a.

WHICH HAVE PREVIOUSLY APPEARED IN NO OTHER DICTIONARY. ill PC 36' PRIKTEO BY JOHN BELLOWS 6L0UCB8TER, ENGLAND INTRODUCTION. 'middling' : 'so so' COUCOU cuckoo : C-clock [^efir) cows Up \,voiture) fly COUDE^ elbow : bend | Coudo-e a. to try : to experience : to feel i Les ...s eprouves par to 0ierre. In a state of | a r de neuf, As good as new | Bon , Good condition | Corps d' , ' ' [metier) trade : corporation | De son _, By profession,[metier) by trade ] En de. down [un liquide) to dilute (de, with] "^ S' , To e : to s (sur, on] to reach : to stretch S one's self (out] [sur un sujet) to expatiate : to enlarge (on, upon] I Ktendu -e a. ethe'real fe TH-IOPIEN" -ENNE [& a.] _pian ETHIQUE ethics [th fort] [fort] ETHNOGRAPHIE _phy leth-nog'-re-fe:th ETHNOLOGIE _gy ieth-no V -e-dje : tli fort] £th'nologique a. suffocating [temps) sultry fe TOUFFEMENT" suffocation : stifling fitouffer" va. with] to suffocate : to stifle [un bruit) to deaden [to voix) to drown [ttne affaire) to hush ... to stop : to pack [A) to calk ETOUPILLE match : friction-tube ETOURDERIE blunder : thoughtlessness Etourdi -e a. | Nous sommes 2, There are 2 of us ] Je doute que cela soit, I doubt whether it is so [y. crested : great [arg) 'crack': asp HURE head [saumon) jowl L' swell ' HUG ENGLISH-FRENCH HUN asp Huge [Moud Jl a. fort : extremement asp HULK ilie-lke] ponton | S (pi] bagne asp HULL [he-l X] coqne : corps : carene [husk) cosse I down, [s/iip] Noye asp HULL'ABALOO' vacarme : bruit asp Hullo! humain -e [-ly, -eraent] _ BEINGS etres humains: les H's j _ KIND le genre humain | _ NATURE la nature htimaine asp Huma'ne [/liwt-mene] a. humoristi- que : plaisant: facetieux : fantasque:original: drole (de] ly ad. most illustrious i LOT" [circumtiex i] islet imaisons) block ILOTE Helot [fig) serf : slave IMAGE t K^ [estampe) picture | Sage comme une , ' As good as gold ' | Livre d' s, Picture-book Imaginairea ary | Imaginatif-ivea ive IMAGINATION - _ iimadji-nec? impraticable [pers) intrai- Im'precate iimm'pri-Mte'] va. impre- nable [fig) inebranlable fde] feconder Impreg'nate [pregg'-nete^ va. to make an impression I upon I S" , To be moved (de, with, at] ^ IMPRESSIONNISTE [& a.] impressionist ^IMPREVOYAJf CE want of forethought (ou " foresight] fdent P5Iniprevoyanf-€ a. unlooked-for : unforeseen HIMPRIMIl paper : printed P : leaflet | —S* '^ (pi] printed matter | Envoyer comme s, S To send ...

Vn.— THE TRANSLATION OF ALL WORDS AND PHRASES GIVEN IN THE FOLLOWING PAGES. Oermain 19 West Utii Street Paris New York 1919 All rights reserved. ETOILEl COUCHETTE cot : crib : berth : couch COUCHEUR -EUSE bed-fellow | Mauvais Cantankerous fellow : ugly customer COUCHIS" lagging Couci-couci a. to spread : to extend : to stretch § (out] to expand : to reach : to enlarge : to M lay ... to immortalize | S' , To last for ETERNITE _ty [fam) tremendous time [ever ^TERNUE-MENT- sneezing fiternucr" vn. to top : to cut off tlie head of ETEULE [or ESTEUBLE] stubble t TH'ER e'ther | Kth'ere-e a. fe TOUFFOIR damper iboite) charcoal-box ETOVPE tow : oakum 0=^ Imach) packing fitouper' va. topp-ss't] asp HUNS' [pi] Huns I»| asp HUPPE hoopoe [tmifl'e) crest asp Hupp6-e a. bourdonner [a tune) fredonner [top) ronfler asp Hu'man [hioume-nni a. : tirer une carotte a | He hum- bugged me out of 20 francs, II m'a carotte vingt francs | He's trying to us into it, II essaie de nous mettre dedans | A humbug- ging little concern, Une affaire de deux sous asp Huin'druin [u e] a. he-mni] bourdonnement : murmure | -BIRD colibri : oiseau-mo HCfte | TOP toupie d'Allemagne asp HU'MORIST [hioii-me-ristt'i iste : origi- nal : esprit fantasque asp Hu'morous [hiou-me-re-ss] a. illogical [-menf -lly] ILLUMINATION- _ [neche-mi'] ILLUMINE -E visionary [pi. to illuminate : to light (de, with] [fig) to enlighten ILLUSION" _ : delusion | Se faire _, To de- ceive o'self I nner" va. fallacious : deceptive ILLUSTRATEUR _tor fdation ILLUSTRATION- _ Da^ ; celebrity : eluci- Illustre a. to illustrate : to render [son nom, etc.] illustrious Illustrissime a. on, contre) lancer des imprecations Impreg'nable [_imm-pregg'-ne-be-l'i a.

VI.— THE TABLE SETTING FORTH AT A GLANCE THE PRINCIPAL DATES IN FRENCH AND ENGLISH HISTORY. [with, to, avec, .a] corres- pondre : s'accorder [to, a) repondre | With a salary to Avec traitement en rapport CORRESPON'DENCE —dance : relation Correspon'dent, pon'ding, a dant : con- forme : qui se rapporte (to, with, a] Ci ORR'IDOR CARR'IAGE wagon a couloir TRAIN train a couloir Corrob'orate [re'te] va. corrompre [vn.) se c la.) corrompu 1 _ PRACTICES faits de eor- niption electorate \ ing a. down in writing [vn.) to lie : to lie down : to spend the niglit | dehors, en ville, To sleep out I Chambre a , Bedroom | Se , To lie (down] to go to bed : to retire [A) to turn in [animals) to couch lostr) to set | AUer se , To go to bed [fig) to ' get out ' : to ' be off ' | Heure de se , Bed-time | Comme on fait son lit, on se , As you make your bed so you must lie on it IV. (Table 58) to extinguisli [fam) to put out [to cha)ix, la soif) to slake \peinttire) to soften [fig) to cancel : to destroy [dette) to pay [ou wipe] off | S' , To go out [fig) to die _ out [pers) to pass away [V. extinguished : extinct : faint l^fe TENDAQE lines (pi] ^TENDARO" standard : flag I ^TENDOIR clothes-lines & poles : drying-place Ktendre v. In the humour to | Prendre de l' To get cross | S' FROIDES' (pi] scrofula H'umiile a. humorous : amusing H-UMOUR [n-jnoor]_ Bs^ | HUMUS _: mould asp HUNE top I Grand' , Main-top i d'ar- timon, Mizen-top | de tnisaine, Fore-top | _ de combat, Fighting- top | Mat de _, Topmast asp HUNIER" topsail | a double , [or a deux s] With double-topsail yards | Petit , Fore-topmast | Voile du petit , Fore-top- sail [pr. asp HUM [7i€-»»i»i] bourdonnement : murmure : bruit I [-mme'd] v.

masculin : masculine vulg vulgaire : vulgar mach machine : machinery zoo zoologie A chemin de fer ; railway X militaire : military term ^ navigation : naval THE COPYRIGHT OF THIS DICTIONARY INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING STRICTLY ORIGINAL POINTS: I.— THE DISTINGtll SHING OF MASCULINE AND FEMININE GENDERS BY DIFFERENT TYPES, OR OF THE FEMININE BY ITALIC TYPE. v.— THE FIGURES SHOWING EQUIVALENT WEIGHTS OB MEASURES AND THEIR MONEY VALUES. to correct : to reform : to Improve | des epreuves. To cheat (at cards] Se , To correct [ou cure] o's : to improve Corroboranf -e a. ive CORROBORATION" [med^ strengthening Corroborer" va. to corrupt [acheter) to bribe Iviaiide) to taint | Cforrompu -e pp. to strengthen : to give body to | Se , To become serious : to put on one's corset CORSET" _ : stays (pi] bodice C0RSETIER"-1£RE stay-maker CORTEGE ' ° : procession : train | En grand Corveable a. CLASS, ang.] Faire wte mal taillee, Taking one with another I d'AMOVR, Extra marks COR ENGLISH-FRENCH COS COKPORA'TION _ : corps constitue [of city) municipal Ue : conseil municipal | He has a , II batit sur le devant CORPSE cadavre : corps mort COR'PULENCE [pioti'] _ : embonpoint COR'PUS CHRIS'TI [pe-ss] la Fete-Dieu Correct' a : exact : juste | Not , Inexact | It's the THING to, II est de rigtteur de : le grand chic est de va. Se reprendre | NESS exactittide : correction Correspond' vn. corrodant [care) rongeur Corro'sive SUB'LIMATE sublime corrosif Corr'ugated IRON [srfte'te] tote ondt Oie Corrupt' [fce-re-pte] va. ed : gone to bed [sur le sol) stretched out COUCHER" bedding : bed : bed-time : goit)g to bed [dans, in : sur, on) sleeping [cistr) setting | Au du soleil. to lay : to lay down : to put (a child) to bed : to give (...) a bed [par ecrit) to put ... h asp'] dis- position : temper : odd [ou bad] T | Avec , Crossly | De bonne , In a good H | En de. to humble : to humiliate H- UMILITE _ty : humbleness H-UMORISTE —orist [old sense) ill-tempered fellow [ou ivomani H'umoi'islique a.

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