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In this extract, he muses over the consequences of early American civilizations’ failing to apply wheels to vehicles, grinding, pottery making and taking energy from falling water.As he ponders, he makes an unfortunate and implicit assumption, one which the history of Zero Waste shows is untenable.

I wonder what he thinks is the experimental basis for this innovation.We don’t know, since he just makes this assumption without offering to justify it.The history of garbage creation is a perfect analogue to the history of transporting goods.Today we see that this way of destroying resources has a life of its own.Virtually every member of our advanced society accepts it as a divine given.Zero Waste thinking has not had a densely full history but there have been a number of seminal works that developed the thoughts in many important ways.

This page presents some of the central works from which current thinking evolved.

Mann’s book, and its companion 1493, are incisive, analytical, historical, journalistic, deep and fascinating.

1491 traces the population history of the Americas before Columbus ever showed up in 1492.

Try to argue that there is a better way and you will be told that there cannot be a better way, there will never be a better way and anyone who thinks we could find a better way is a radical, alien thinker who cannot be trusted.

Although Zero Waste Theory is fully worked out and applied, there is a monumental resistance, even by ordinary people, to anything more mentally challenging than the lazy reliance on recycling.

I was much impressed by the report in Low Impact Man that the family who tried to cut down a significant part of their garbage generation had to deal with death threats (see review of Low Impact Man below). Mann an alternative explanation for the reason why the Mesoamerican cultures had no wheels.

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