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Next, two picadores enter the arena armed with a long lance or varas and mounted on large heavily padded and blindfolded horses.

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If successful, the combination blood loss and the force exerted by the bull to lift the horse up with its neck and horns will strain the bull enough to cause it to hold its head lower during the following stages of the bullfight.The matador will perform a series of tanda, different series of passes all with specific names that make up the faena, or entire performance with the muleta.The faena ends with a series of passes in which the matador attempts to maneuver the bull into a position to kill it with an estocada, or the thrusting of the sword between the bull's shoulder blades and through the heart.A clumsy estocada can raise loud protests and destroy the whole performance.This is a mandatory step in the corrida which makes the bull's charges less dangerous and more reliable, enabling the matador to perform.Stage 2 - Tercio de banderillas (“third of flags”)In the next stage, the tercio de banderillas, the three banderilleros each attempt to plant two banderillas, or sharp barbed sticks, into the bull's shoulders.

The banderillas further weaken the bull but also anger it, cause it to make more ferocious charges. Stage 3 - Tercio de Muerte ("third of death")In this stage, the matador re-enters the ring with a red cape or muleta stretched over a wooden dowel in one hand and a sword in the other.

From the moment the first pass is performed, the matador has a total of 15 minutes to kill the bull.

The modern corrida is highly ritualized, with three distinct stages or tercios ("thirds"), the start of each being announced by a trumpet sound.

The corrida starts with a parade called paseíllo in which the participants enter the arena to salute the presiding dignitary.

Stage 1 - Tercio de Varas ("third of lances")In the first stage, the bull enters the ring where it will be tested by the matador and banderilleros with the required tanda ("series of passes") using the capote.

During this phase the matador observes the bull's behavior, how it charges and its ferocity.

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