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CURRENT_TIMESTAMP CURRENT_TIMESTAMP is a nondeterministic function. Views and expressions that reference this column cannot be indexed. i have SP like this: Crearte PROC [dbo].[SP_CONVERT_DAY_TO_DATE_2] @DAY_CODE AS CHAR(2),@TARGET_DATE AS DATETIME OUTPUTASSET DATEFIRST 1 DECLARE @TRX_DATE AS DATE SET NOCOUNT ONSELECT @TRX_DATE = TRX_DATE FROM MASTER_CALENDAR WHERE D_CODE = @DAY_CODE AND TRX_DATE BETWEEN GETDATE()-25 AND GETDATE() SET @TARGET_DATE = ISNULL(@TRX_DATE,’′)—- PRINT @TARGET_DATEbut, the result always : ” Jan 01 1900 AM”, whats wrong?? thank youuu The time is not server time but the time of the machine running the SQL (e.g.CURRENT_TIMESTAMP can be used to print the current date and time every time that the report is produced. Views and expressions that reference this column cannot be indexed. if you run the query on a SQL Management studio in one country and it connects to a server on another country – the time will be of the local machine – not the remote)why i get this error: “The conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value. i want to check the datetime stored in sql with current datetime (it must be of the form dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss am/pm or mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss am/pm) pls help me with the above problem…Hello , i want to search txt file like as _15.59. ********************************** bulk insert Tmp St List from ‘C:\PATH\ currentdate_‘ with (fieldterminator = ‘,’, rowterminator = ‘\n’) *************************************************** is what i want to do. Can anyone tell me how to retrieve only TIME part and DATE/TIME of Database of 2011 from database MS SQL Server 2000.

{fn Now()} can be used to print the current date and time every time that the report is produced. I am trying to convert to Month/Day/Year formant, from Day/Month/Year format.I m using the function Datediff(Day,convert(datetime, Create Date), Convert(Datetime, Expiry Date)) in computed column specificationbut failed. Pinal Dave, I have used your teachings many times and well, never offered a thank you. You have been most helpful so many times – so thanks for this one, and all of them!hi I am Ram, I want to get last one year records …how can i get it..i used this following get it.alter procedure dev_Get All Week Charts_M @user ID bigint, @Start Date datetimeas BEGINdeclare @End Date datetime = dateadd(Year, -1, @Start Date) SELECT [weight],convert(varchar, Updateddate,101)[Updateddate] into #temp Weight from dev_User Alerts_Weight Tracking where userid = @Userid and Updated Date between @End Date and @Start Date ;with aweek(day,weight) as ( select @Start Date as day,’0′ as weight union all select day – 1,’0′ as weight from aweek where day @End Date ) select as Weight Date ,case when #temp Weight.weight IS NULL then ‘0’ else #temp Weight.weight end as weight from aweek left outer join #temp Weight on #temp Weight.likecreate table x ( a timestamp not null)INSERT INTO x VALUES CAST(current_timestamp AS TIMESTAMP)This alone works SELECT CAST(current_timestamp AS TIMESTAMP) but if I want to insert it into a table it does not work .I am aware that it converts it to binary on the table when it was successful I am creating an SSIS to export queried data to excel. Seems like the following should work but I get no return SELECT * FROM Table Name WHERE date Time Mix = dateadd(dd, -1, getdate())Hi Sir, I m facing a problem that is: I have two columns as Create Date and Expiry Date in ASPNETDB.

MDF file, I want to put days between two date in Days Left Column.

I m using Visual Web developer 2005 express Edition. Anytime I do a query for SQL help, I check your links first!

One question: if i want to setup the date of the database with a configuration file… So for example if the configuration file says it is 12/12/12 getdate() retrieves that date…

Will this statement work, or should it be 101 rather than 103 ???

SELECT Work Order ID, Convert(varchar(12), Modified Date,103) FROM Production.

Workorder Hi Sir, can you please assist me I am trying to insert the current time in a timestamp field.

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