Dating violence among teens

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Dating violence among teens - Sex Chat

Female students had a higher prevalence than male students of physical TDV only, sexual TDV only, both physical and sexual TDV, and any TDV.

For example, cross-sectional research indicates that TDV victimization is associated with increased alcohol and tobacco use, depressive symptoms and suicidality, internalizing behaviors, eating disorders, and risky sexual behaviors (eg, not using condoms and multiple sexual partners).To describe the content of new physical and sexual TDV victimization questions first administered in the 2013 national Youth Risk Behavior Survey, to share data on the prevalence and frequency of TDV (including the first-ever published overall “both physical and sexual TDV” and “any TDV” national estimates using these new questions), and to assess associations of TDV experience with health-risk behaviors.Two survey questions separately assessed physical and sexual TDV; this analysis combined them to create a 4-level TDV measure and a 2-level TDV measure.The 4-level TDV measure includes “physical TDV only,” “sexual TDV only,” “both physical and sexual TDV,” and “none.” The 2-level TDV measure includes “any TDV” (either or both physical and sexual TDV) and “none.” Sex-stratified bivariate and multivariable analyses assessed associations between TDV and health-risk behaviors.In 2013, among students who dated, 20.9% of female students (95% CI, 19.0%-23.0%) and 10.4% of male students (95% CI, 9.0%-11.7%) experienced some form of TDV during the 12 months before the survey.have demonstrated that TDV victimization has lasting effects because those persons entering adulthood with a history of TDV victimization report negative consequences such as depression, substance use, suicidality, and future intimate partner violence victimization.

Over time, prevalence estimates of physical TDV victimization from the CDC’s national Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) (first measured in 1999) have remained around 9% with similar rates among female and male students.

found higher lifetime prevalence rates of sexual TDV for girls than for boys.

National estimates of teen dating violence (TDV) reveal high rates of victimization among high school populations.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s national Youth Risk Behavior Survey has provided often-cited estimates of physical TDV since 1999.

In 2013, revisions were made to the physical TDV question to capture more serious forms of physical TDV and to screen out students who did not date.

An additional question was added to assess sexual TDV.

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