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A well-oiled list of conversation topics ready to roll out is only one part of what matters to have a good conversation – it isn’t your complete solution to make friends and influence people.You can have fun talking about paper to a friend because good conversation is more than topics.

If you’re over the standard enquirying about someone’s weekend, commenting on the weather, and asking “How are you?”, here’s my top list of conversation topics to keep a good conversation going.Some are deep, some are light, and all are real topics you can use that help you come up with your own. Current News Stories Eye the latest news stories relating to your industry.Signup to an RSS reader, visit your industry’s best blogs, then add their RSS feed to your reader.You instantly get updated with new articles and can scan topics useful for conversation.In your RSS reader, you can even setup separate categories to easily monitor sites covering fun topics, international issues (amazing tip for when you’re about to travel overseas! When it comes to talking about these topics, you impress people as an expert if you reference where the news came from. The Economy The economy affects business, for good or for bad.

Professionals often discuss how the economy is affecting their company.

Be careful not to turn the conversation to personal finance; discussing your own money is crude. Industry Trends Has your company changed something it does?

ver started a conversation, only to have it dry up like water in a hot desert?

I’m sure you have many times if you’re shy like the old me.

In a group, you’re seen as quiet, but one-on-one it is awkward when you run out of things to say.

Is the solution to come up with good conversation topics?

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