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There are a lot of warning signs on dating site profiles. ARGHHHHHHH NO WOMEN WHO WANT TO LOOK LIKE PARIS HILTON OR GIRLS GONE WILD WHORES PLZ I WANT A NICE PERSON But sometimes the warning signs are more subtle, hidden away in the "Favourite books" section. The Secret - This person is just sitting at home, putting it out into the universe that someone will put up with their flaky shit. (At least this has been my experience.) It reflects rather negatively on them in the eyes of anyone who actually knows something about Chomsky, who is quite the opposite of the sort of condescending, hypocritical douchebag who uses the word "sheeple". x D You clearly learnt the wrong lesson from it, then.Some of them are right there in the bio, not so subtle, like: NO LIARS. These are some titles and authors to watch out for: 1. Unless you want to have about a million fights down the road where you wind up feeling like a crazy person for having feelings instead of being logical. Don't worry, it's really difficult--dare I say impossible--to insult him so flippantly without sounding like a jackass. @Joey: I know some people buy the book just to see what it's all about.

Recently I've noticed it has become popular for those wishing to seem Smarter-Than-You to criticize Noam Chomsky offhand.The site’s creators then contact the pin-up to check the interest is mutual.Users pose with a copy of one of their favourite books: choices range from the highbrow (Homer) to the more simple (The Very Hungry Caterpillar), and a witty blurb prefaces most of the profiles: “Natasha is a (nearly) 25-year-old librarian from Whitechapel with a penchant for older Hungarian men.Check her out on a date, but remember to bring her back on time!Chomsky himself isn't the kind to say sheeple, but that certainly doesn't mean he doesn't appeal to that type. This isn't names for you firstborn, it's books, grow some balls, make some decisions, and move one. And I found his linguistics work so so boring, and sometimes a bit grandiose and unfounded. Secondly, I love Chomsky and even rate him in my favourite books (on facebook though, not dating sights because I'm not a LOSER) and have never used the word 'sheeple'. I reckon you probably own the game because you MUST BE A COMPLETE DOUCHE P. I'm usually a very nice person, and never normally this angry on the internet. 1) Books are such a large medium, and serve so many purposes, that it's totally reasonable for someone to not be able to narrow down their favourite books.

Thirdly "some people just by the game to see what it's about". I'm certainly not usually the type of person to sign up to a website just to post one angry message.

Losers by that book because they don't know how to get women and think that it'll be a miracle cure, when in fact it'll turn them into a complete douche.

In a bid to save others from a similar fate, Macdonald, co-founder of literary review website The Omnivore, decided to branch out into a dating service that matches couples according to their tastes in books.

If there is now a dating site for every demographic, The Omnivore’s resulting “pin ups” section seems to be aimed at the “intello-hipster”, an urban subgroup who know their Dickens from their Deleuze and like their profile pictures sepia-tinged.

Anyone wanting to be a pin-up has to answer a series of questions: the sexiest book they have ever read, which author they have a crush on and what they’re reading next.

Curious browsers are invited to email and ask for a date.

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    To this end, our Windsor-based team of technical and customer-support staff (available 24/7 by UK Freephone number) constantly monitor the site and check every single member profile, so that you can be confident that you are communicating only with real, genuine people.