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Free and adult and affiliate and site or website and webcam or phone sex or adult chat or web cam - Free Online

It’s fairly simple; the greater the model payout percent, the more you’ll make on every dollar a customer spends on you.

Therefore, this is something that you should strongly consider when selecting a camming site.Luckily, there’s tools to see just how much traffic a cam site gets.Alexa is a free tool that monitors website traffic.It’s highly trusted and one of the primary tools used when determining the value of a website based off traffic scores.We’ve got the Alexa score contained on our camming site comparison page as well.When researching what camming network to choose, model payout is one of the highest priorities for most prospective camgirls. As you can see, it’s more complicated than just looking at the model’s share of the revenue.

Of course everyone wants to be performing for the site that pays the most. With those complications, some models will be more profitable and select cam sites than others. Here’s what to consider when considering what site is most profitable: Even though the model payout percent isn’t the only thing to consider, doesn’t make it important.

Unfortunately, determining what site will be most profitable isn’t a cut-and-dry question and answer. Just because one camming network pays out more money than the other sites doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll make the most money on that site. You should definitely consider what percentage models are earning, but don’t let that be the only factor in choosing a camming site.

Do you even want to offer services besides camming?

Learn More: Camming Sites With The Most Traffic If a site has a lot of competition, it can be harder to stand out in the crowd.

The highly trafficked sites also tend to be the most competitive sites.

This means that you have the potential to get more traffic on these sites, but you’ll be competing for that traffic with many more models.

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