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Regardless of whether you’re looking for a one-night stand or long-term relationship, the dating world can be a confusing and frustrating place to navigate.

These blogs offer just that, with advice from students, professionals, and dating experts that will help to enrich and expand your experiences with romance in college.My date wasn’t from “around here” and I knew that, but... ”–Season Two, Episode Sixteen, 2004 (on, September 30th, 2013), co-hosted by magicians Penn Jillette and Raymond Teller, reported on the billion-dollar dating industry.But is that industry worth the “billion-dollar” hype? Over the years, being in the industry has given us detailed knowledge of which bloggers are blogging from the heart, and which are full of hot air.So we’re running through our favorite 15 dating blogs that will provide the tips you need, the anecdotes you crave and a good laugh when all else fails. Dating Goddess: As explained in her Adventures in dating after 40, mature dating sometimes comes with a few unexpected twists, the best way to get past them is by sharing and no blog is better at providing honest, thoughtful musings on dating for 40+ than this. Soon2becatlady: When you need a refreshing giggle at the drama and misadventure that comes with dating in the digital age, I recommend Soon2becatlady (spoiler: she’s not resorted to getting cats just yet! 40 Days of Dating: follows a unique and interesting social experiment conducted by two good friends, Jessica in Timothy, in New York. Dating If you’re looking for expert dating advice from people with both the personal and academic qualifications to give it, you might try Dating Well, that’s because that advice is only half-baked when in actuality the phrase should be: Become the man you want to be—then... When we find a good thing we want it; when we meet someone with whom we have chemistry, we want to explore it further. A few years ago, my wife (then-girlfriend) Alex and I were invited, by her friend, to go camping.

I’ve raised a middle-finger when receiving this bit of tried-and-true wisdom.

Breakups happen at the intersection of choice and consequence Six days ago, at an intersection, we walked different directions. I can’t commit to you the way you want me to, and I... Being city slickers, neither of us had much experience camping, but we ran out to Wal-Mart to get supplies. Tinder has been the daddy of online dating apps for some time.

With millions of matches made each month, it’s still an essential app if you want to meet potential partners via your smartphone. It wasn’t so long ago when my date and I nervously and awkwardly exchanged hugs in a dimly lit bar, grabbing seats at a table smiling at one another.

Tired of finding opposite problems in their dating lives, they decided to date each other for 40 days – to entertaining and often enlightening effect. As well as providing intelligent advice for both men and women, they also have an expert in mature dating, April Braswell, whose blogs shed light on the challenges of dating for the experienced, but keeps it fun and entertaining too.

You can even ask them dating questions via Twitter (@Dating Advice Com) 5.

She Knows: It’s likely in your dating life you’re thinking about your sex life too.

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