Great flood earth dating

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Great flood earth dating - Online sex

It also tells me that the glaciers were formed by the catastrophic eruption of the fountains of the deep spraying water into the stratosphere where it froze and returned to the poles in the form of an enormous ice dump that instantly froze mammoths now found in the Arctic that were feeding on tropical plants e.g.Evidence of the Flood is displayed by mountains all over the earth where the rock strata slant upward.

Evidence of the Flood occurs every day as rocks that shot out into space as result of the eruption of the fountains of the deep return to earth in the form of meteors.evidence of a world-wide Flood is almost everywhere on earth.Wherever fossils are found, it is evidence of a Flood.Fossils only form when plants and animals are quickly covered with deep sediment so they cannot decay.Nuclear decay of radioactive Isotopes and Carbon 14 dating as explained by forbidden knowledge in Section 3 takes it back to the time of the Flood.Almost everywhere on earth where layers of fossil fuels and sedimentary rock are found is evidence of the Flood.

These sedimentary rocks usually contain an abundance of fossils.

Sedimentary layers of rock found all over the world are attributed by evolutionists to the melting of a glacier at the end of the ice age.

My bias tells me that these sedimentary layers are the result of flood waters scouring across the land.

Evidence of a worldwide flood occurs almost every time we see a meteor shower.

The "rock from Mars" is an unscientific supposition by evolutionists and NASA scientists most likely seeking funding for space exploration, and was much more likely a rock shot out into space from the earth during the eruption on Earth during the Flood of Noah, and recently returned (Genesis ).

Evidence of the Flood is given by the disappearance of the dinosaurs and mammoths all over the earth.

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