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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- " width="175" height="245" border="0" title="Ksenia is very cheerfull and pleasant lady. We are presenting single beautiful marriage minded and family oriented ladies to our clients from all over the world.

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Organizing trip for girl you want to meet in your or third country: cost 300 Euro We will help on all stages of journey preparation, starting from visa and documents organization till booking hotel and buying fly tickets. Introduction tour to Kiev to meet ALL girls you like: cost 500 Euro You will have a possibility to meet those who say YES to date and meet you.This will include: both way airport transfer, unlimited translator/personal assistant if needed, unlimited number of meetings with girls.100 Euro payment required to check who is open for dating, relationship and marriage with you All services with one simple payment of 100 Euro - write a special Birthday letter to your favorite Women.Here you can see images for photos of most pupular Ukrainian Women for dating and mariage.Look at the photos and info of our girls that had been put on hold or waiting for approval. You would never regret meeting with her." Inter Dating Agency is serious dating and marriage agency located in Kiev, Ukraine.This means she is opened for relationship with you and expect your call or e-mail.You may select several girls to see who likes you and get in touch with just one.2.

Organizing personal meeting in Kiev with ONE girl: cost 100 Euro Girls which gives OK for relationship and meeting with you.

First she will see your photos and letter and you have to be in Kiev.3.

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The One I would like to share my life and my future with. Players, men who are more than 12 years older, childish boys please don't text me.

Direct contact info of ONE girl: cost 100 Euro After she responds positively to your letter and photos.

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