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Episode four looks a the work of controversial comedians. They finally arrange themselves in shape, showing a dilapidated looking cur sitting up on his haunches.

Episode six includes clips and discussions of Will Rogers, Abbot and Costello, Sid Caesar, Johnny Carson, Tom Hehrer, Alan Sherman, song lyrics by Tom Lehrer and Allan Sherman, Carol Burnett, Mel Brooks, Laugh In, Saturday Night Live, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. "Uncle Josh occupies a box at a vaudeville theatre, where a moving picture show is going on. Uncle Josh jumps to the stage and endeavors to make lover to her, but she flits away, and immediately there appears upon the screen the picture of an express train running at sixty miles an hour. Annie Dam, in a large picture hat, tries to look very shy and demure. The picture has made the biggest kind of a hit, and is one of the best humorous pictures ever offered." [From Edison promotional materials] DVD 3552; also DVD 277; DVD X1752; vhs Video/C 7046 Directed by Edwin S. "A very early silent short from film pioneer Edwin S. Based on popular vaudeville routines of the day, the title character is a made up in a rather grotesque, broadly stereotyped manner and the sketch itself could definitely be viewed as an offensive piece.Includes commentary on the current practice of politicians using appearances on talk shows to promote their political careers. Uncle Josh becomes panic-stricken, and fearing to be struck by the train, makes a dash for his box. A Jewish store owner sees his new shipment of hats picked up by the trash wagon and chases the vehicle down to recapture his merchandise. Griffith's Renunciation is a comedy western, filmed in the wilds of Shadyside, New Jersey.This first edition of vaudeville video takes a panoramic look at vaudeville in its prime at the turn of the century. He is no sooner seated than a country couple appear upon the screen, at a well. When the hats don't sell anyway, he sets his business on fire to collect the insurance money." [from FACETS catalog] 10 min. Cast: Mary Pickford, Anthony O'Sullivan, James Kirkwood. Fascinated by a pair of handsome cowboys, the heroine flirts shamelessly with both men.Features many stars of the era and emphasizes the range of talents that made up this uniquely American art form including comics, jugglers, animal acts, acrobats and skaters. Before they pump the pail full of water they indulge in a love-making scene. Herself relieves her mind through woman's sole weapon. DVD X2060; also on DVD 3552 [disc 3]; vhs 940 Directed by D. It isn't long before the two old pals of the saddle are bitter enemies.Contents: Joe & Charlie's Delicatessen -- Chimpanzee act, Jack Benny -- Our teacher, Henny Youngman -- The poet and peasant overture, Milt Britton and his Orchestra -- Ballet Dancer's nightmare, the Slate Brothers with Vivian Fay -- Bobby, the seal -- Celebrity puppet impressions -- Dog act -- Contortion act -- Roller skaters -- Silent era comedians (4 selections), Clyde Courtney, et al. Uncle Josh thinks he recognizes his own daughter, jumps upon the stage, removes his coat and prepares to chastise the lover, and grabbing the moving picture screen he hauls it down, and to his great surprise finds a kinetoscope operator in the rear. As they prepare to square off in a knife battle, the girl breaks up the fight by introducing her real boyfriend, a limp-wristed "pansy" type.This special collection of rare short films pays homage to the great American satirist Robert Benchley and two other witty literati who shared his company at the Hotel Algonquin's legendary round table and personified the sophisticated literary scene of New York in the 1920's and 1930's.

Contents: The witness / directed by Leslie Roush ; photographed by William Steiner (1941) -- The trouble with husbands / directed by Leslie Roush ; photographed by William Steiner (1940) -- The man's angle / directed by Leslie Roush ; photographed by William Steiner (1942)-- Mr.

W's little game / directed by Lynn Shores (1934) -- The treasurer's report / directed by Thomas Chalmers (1928) -- Traffic regulations (1929) -- Sex life of a polyp (1928) -- Humorous flights / directed by Fred Fleck (1929) -- Crime control / produced and directed by Leslie Roush ; photographed by William Steiner. DVD X3301; Video/C 924 Series chronicling how comedy has defined the nation's character with commentary by film historians, comedians, writers and producers, spotlighting comedians through the generations who broke the rules to advance the genre. DVD X828 Episode one focuses on the comedy type "The misfit" and includes clips by silent film legend Harold Lloyd, Bob Hope, Phyllis Diller, Jonathan Winters, Andy Kaufman, Robin Williams, Cheech & Chong, Woody Allen and Steve Martin.

Episode two focusing on television sitcoms starts with George Burns and Gracie Allen, the married couple who moved their popular radio program to television, then continues with clips from The Goldbergs (the first American sit-com), I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, All in the Family, The Cosby Show, Roseanne, Seinfeld and The Simpsons. The Dam Dog waits until the soup has been served, and then returns and drags the table cloth and all the dishes on to the floor. Different portions of the Dam Dog's body appear from all directions.

The operator is made furious by Uncle Josh interrupting his show." [IMDB] 2 min. "The Whole Dam Family and The Dam Dog is a popular fad which has been widely advertised by lithographs and souvenir mailing cards, and has recently been made the subject of a sketch in a New York Vaudeville Theatre. Astonished that the girl would choose a sissy-boy over them, the two cowpokes vow eternal friendship and swear off women for good (or, at least, for now).

DVD X116; DVD 7983; DVD X1752; vhs Video/C 7046 Directed by Edwin S. Cohen's advertising scheme: This is perhaps the earliest cinematic example of the Jewish stereotype known as the "scheming merchant," a familiar caricature from theater and literature. The Edison Manufacturing Co., with their usual up-to-date methods, have illustrated this popular subject in a most novel and original way in Motion Pictures. Mary Pickford, Billy Quirk and Harry Salter are starred in this one-reel trifle. "No woman has ever visited the mining community of Bear Track Gulch, so it is big news when Old Pete Griffin learns that the invalid Mr. O'Brien is eager to be accepted as part of high society, and she is hosting a fox hunt as part of her plans. But after he has his teeth fixed and she has her nose done they look great.

In this typical one-shot gag film Cohen, a Jewish shop owner, hits upon a new advertising scheme: tricking a passerby into buying a coat on which he hangs a large sign advertising his store on the back. The picture opens with a close view of the individual members of the family. 11 min vhs 978; vhs 95 Cast: William Garwood and Florence La Badie A light-handed battle-of-the-sexes comedy portraying several married couples vacationing on an island. Lorraine and his schoolteacher daughter Alice plan to come and stay there. Her husband and daughter, though, have no interest in society affairs. O'Brien wants to invite Lord Abernathy to the hunt, and she mentions this to the 'society pilot' who is advising her. Bank clerk Buster gets overturned glue on everything, mostly the money. Fields stage skits, originally performed in the Broadway revue The Comic Supplement. Cast: Eddie Cantor, Clara Bow, Billie Dove, Lawrence Gray, Natalie Kingston. They meet by accident and don't recognize each other. Ronald, an idealistic freshman who attends Clayton College finds himself embroiled in a war of athletics as he fights for the heart of his beloved coed, Mary. DVD 255 Directed by Buster Keaton and Clyde Bruckman.

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