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x D i hope you can visit us here at the philippines! This dude is the adaptations of almost all of my favorite mangas!!! But i still AMAZED with GREAT act he played i want to read his book, but dunno where i can get that. -annabelle i just watched kuroshitsuji and I'm very impressed to be honest, at first i thought no he doesn't even look like sebastian but then i realized he's more awesome than the original sebastian, god he's so talented i love his acting! It is amazing how he seems like a different person in the different shows... I just want to say i love him as an actor i saw him in hana kimi, and also mei's butler Which are voth my favorites he also played in Zettai Kareshi it was very good and of course i cried but he is such good actor and is totally hot... :) first i did not like him to be Sebastian coz i really like Sebby but when i watch the movie i did not expect that he will really fit to the character.. i already saw him in Hana Kimi but he did not catch my attention but now i adore him ... Honestly at first I was a bit disappointed when I knew he was going to play the role of Sebastian with that curly hair... I know You have your own reasons and I respect you. I'm waiting to see kuroshitsuji, though I don't understand why ciel is acted by ayame. x D I wish I can meet them and talk to them (ayame,hiro and the other chara's of black butler) I'm your no.1 fan here in the philippines! And then i imagine how his face look while playing Lovely Complex as Ryo-kun x D the character so totally different, it's make me laugh. Hiro Mizushima so cool on action, especially in his battle. Looking forward to see how good you are going to portray the perfect butler : Hey Hiro, i am a new fan from Korean TV Drama.

Can't wait to watch the 5th season of HBO Girls and look out for him as well. But after watching Hana Kimi, I completely changed my mind. If you are not a actor on TV, i wish you and your wife for your future all the best and good luck: P. : i am very happy that we have the same birthday - 13. It'a just that I'm Human so I'm a little greedy, and plus I won't let such a talented actor stop acting.

"Kagerou" i think he really inspiring, so handsome and talented, an actor as well as a writer. I saw him first as Sebastian in Black Butler, and tought he was good.

wish joy for him and his wife, wish you have a baby soon hiro san ^v^. Now I have seen him in som other movies and TV-dramas and know he is epic!

He is not just good looking, but he can actually act!

(something not so many good looking guys can...) He can also fit every role thrown at him.

He can be the good, the bad, the dream-man, the funny, the geek or the respected man.

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