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Because the point I want to make is that understanding niches and picking the right one will get you ahead of the competition. Here’s a picture to make all your points moot: And before moving any further let’s quickly fend off any unfortunate souls who wondered here thinking we are talking about dating actual pets. Singles with pets, who bond over their common passion for specific animals, or animals in general – that’s what I’m talking about.

Also, it removes a bunch of initial guesswork so prevalent in online dating.Here at Ska Date Dating Software Blog I mention the importance of the proper niche selection on a regular basis.That’s because I’m kinda like the unseen presence in Groundhog Day – I repeat stuff to make sure the point gets across.On the other hand, let’s forget about that comparison, since, you know, some people say it took Bill Murray one thousand years of iterative suffering to get his point.I’d like to think, that type of unfair karmic punishment is unnecessary in our case.Look around, generic sites for singles with pets are popping up all over the place like mushrooms. Finally, who can forget the granddaddy of them all, a website for pet-fish-singles, Plenty Of Think specific affiliate programs, banner advertising from local pet stores, or giving your members miscellaneous e Commerce options (readily available at your fingertips in the new Ska Date 9). If anyone asks, I’m building my own dating site for pet groundhog singles in my area, before anyone else gets the idea.

Recent studies were able to positively identify something that pet guardians have suspected for centuries: dogs have an emotional life, experience happiness and sadness, and are sensitive to the tone of their owners’ voices.

A happy dog is a happy owner, and now we know that they are truly our best friends and really do miss us when we’re at work.

In addition you’ll have a whole bank of ready-to-use conversation topics, and your pet will become an easy way out any time your match shows the signs of losing interest in… Now that we’ve covered basic advantages for members of pet dating sites, let’s see what benefits of starting online dating business in this niche brings.

First of all, you’ll have a clearly defined area of interest, and that’s always a plus.

The better defined your niche, the easier it is to find for potential members. Or the ever popular Equestrian Singles, a site for those who want to ride their horses together.

But unlike sites based on those rare fetishes known only to Deviant Art fanatics, pet dating sites have a much wider appeal and target audience. But those portals that truly succeed, go into an even more specific territory in pursuit of a customer. And no, I have no idea if horses are pets, but they sure as hell are animals, so let’s not discriminate against them. The commercial potential for pet dating sites is quite strong, both in terms of member fees and other indirect opportunities. In fact I’ve just re-read what I’ve said so far, and now I’m ready to disappear for a while.

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