Pregnancy dating calender

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Pregnancy dating calender - Free Online

Based on 7th of feb most sites are saying i am in week 13 or week 9 if based on march 9th (BBC parenting website) but some others say 4 weeks or 8 weeks for these dates.I thought you are already 4 weeks when you find out?

However, this allows you to copy (and paste) only the current date.Let us say that you have displayed the calender in your top bar.It's thrilling to see your baby grow week by week when you're pregnant and reach those all-important milestones in the first year and beyond.See what's new each week by entering your pregnancy due date or child's birthday below for a personalized weekly calendar. If you're already a Baby Center member, please log in here to see the development calendar personalized for your child or the fact that conception is when one becomes pregnant.(ie: if your period was 01/15, then you are not even pregnant yet, nor have you even ovulated, thereby facilitating a pregnancy…

you COULD get pregnant on 01/29, but seeing as how today is 01/22, you are not pregnant yet).

Please tell me that this information is for a novel you are writing? Answer by Nesha Pooh Go to or it will tell u when u got pregnant. how does the online calculator work because on most sites it gives a reading based on LMP which is either 7th of feb or 7th of march unsure as i did a test 10 days before 7th of march period and it came up positive, my last period was only for two days as well as the feb one so unsure how far along i am.

You'll get a daily dose of interesting and helpful information about your growing child. If you're new to our site, register to personalize Baby Center for your pregnancy, new baby, child, or children.

and they gave me this chart but i don’t see what day i got pregnant.

see my last period was january 15,2012 and if had sex on january 19 and im one week on 1/22/2012 when did i become pregnant so can someone help me this please Calculate Your Due Date Enter the first day of your last menstrual period: Month:jan Day:15 Year:2012 Due Date10/21/2012Conception1/29/2012 Pregnancy Test2/12/20121st Heartbeat2/26/2012 Quickening5/20/2012Viability7/1/2012 Week 11/22/2012Week 226/17/2012 Week 21/29/2012Week 236/24/2012 Week 32/5/2012Week 247/1/2012 Week 42/12/2012Week 257/8/2012 Week 52/19/2012Week 267/15/2012 Week 62/26/2012Week 277/22/2012 Week 73/4/2012Week 287/29/2012 Week 83/11/2012Week 298/5/2012 Week 93/18/2012Week 308/12/2012 Week 103/25/2012Week 318/19/2012 Week 114/1/2012Week 328/26/2012 Week 124/8/2012Week 339/2/2012 Week 134/15/2012Week 349/9/2012 Week 144/22/2012Week 359/16/2012 Week 154/29/2012Week 369/23/2012 Week 165/6/2012Week 379/30/2012 Week 175/13/2012Week 3810/7/2012 Week 185/20/2012Week 3910/14/2012 Week 195/27/2012Week 4010/21/2012 Week 206/3/2012Week 4110/28/2012 Week 216/10/2012Week 4211/4/2012 Answer by Melissa0322If the first day of your last period was 01/15/2012, then you are not pregnant yet.

I suggest more research into conception and pregnancy before you move forward with your “story”…

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