Radiometric dating mm lab

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Radiometric dating mm lab - Online sex

The age of fossils can be found using relative dating or radiometric dating, which is also called absolute dating.Radiometric dating involves using radioactive elements and their half-lives to figure out the age of the fossils.

Before class starts, decide which "isotopes" you would like to model.Depending on the number of different colored beads you have available, you can do just one or several different isotopes.Each isotope you choose needs two different colors of beads associated with it and the total of number of beads per bag will be 100 (this creates the simplest math, but you could use less beads and have them calculate percentages if necessary).For instance, if you choose Carbon-14 as your isotope, you will need 2 different colors (like red will be Carbon-14 and blue is Nitrogen-14).If you choose to make all bags Carbon-14 bags, then you will need enough red and blue beads for all four bags.Another thing to decide on before class is how many bags you will be able to make.

Ideally, you would have 4 bags per lab group, but depending on the limiting number of supplies you have, you can just make a minimum of 4 bags and rotate them between groups.

For each bag, you will need a total of 100 beads (in two different colors) and a "fossil". If you wanted to date a sample that you estimated to be about 500,000 years old, which isotope would you use to date it, Uranium-238 or Thorium-230?

Your fossil can be something like a chicken bone, a plastic aquarium plant, or a little plastic dinosaur. How does the oldest fossil's age compare to the age of the Earth? Scientists often use more than one isotope to date the same fossil.

It does not have to be a "real" fossil, but if you have a lot of time and some creativity, you can make fossils out of plaster to hide in the bags.

You actually do not have to put a fossil in the bags at all, but it seems to be more fun for the students if they get to "dig" and find the fossil before dating it.

When preparing the bag, you can decide, based on your student population, whether or not you want to keep the math portion simple by keeping percents even on the half-life scale (like 50% red beads, 50% blue beads or 75% blue beads and 25% red beads) or make them portions of half lives (like 60% red to 40% blue).

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