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Sims 3 booty not updating - Sex Chat

Because if he decides to do the third and you haven't already started running, your day will be absolutely ruined. New attack, Some People Think Clowns Are Scary, has been added.

Dragon AI and tactics have been significantly improved, allowing for better situational awareness and more unpredictable behavior. Speaking of things we've tried in college, "Triple threat", a dragon combo attack, has been added. Watch out for their simultaneous landings, that nearly killed my god testing character. If you are upgrading: DO NOT MAKE A CLEAN SAVE, THERE IS NO SUCH FREAKING THING. Fights with multiple dragons are now exponentially more difficult: they will work together to bring you down. Violens is the superior mod and has no such issue, use it instead. Dragons now communicate tactics, and dragons' AI significantly improves the more dragons a team has. If you have The Dance of Death: Load it after/below DCO. If it doesn't appear then move it to the other side. Dragons will now execute talon grabs on unsuspecting NPCs. Dragons may also flee from combat, and may tactically retreat to gain the advantage. You know what they say happens when you assume stuff...

Don't count on an injury saving you, and don't assume they'll be back up and flying when you think they will.

If the dragon does not take enough(Read: A LOT) of damage during the random time allotted for its injury, it may recover and regain the ability to fly. Due to the amount of randomness this inserts into a fight, it makes dragons wildly unpredictable(in comparison to Vanilla).

Every hit has a low chance of injuring a dragon, with the amount of health the dragon has remaining determining to an extent how long the dragon stays injured.

Dragons no longer get injured at the magical 35% mark: it could happen to them at any time, anywhere.

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of intelligence in machines.

Intelligence is most widely studied in humans, but has also been observed in animals and in plants.

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