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From left: Tanay Chheda, 17, photographed in Wallingford, Conn., and Ayush Khedekar, 13, took a break from exam studying. Click the photo above to take a closer look into THR's reunion with the Slumdog Millionaire kids.What also struck everybody -- including the actors' family chaperones who accompanied them for the shoot -- was how the two child actors had grown to somehow resemble their elder versions.

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Standing almost as tall as Ashutosh, the shy Azharuddin seemed to have changed the most from his impish version in the film.Rubina and Tanvi showed off similar sunny smiles, with both girls exhibiting a flair for fashionable clothes.Photographer Colston Julian's office in Mumbai's buzzing Bandra suburb was soon a hive of activity as the actors went for makeup and wardrobe while being briefed on how the afternoon shoot was planned.When they were told that the shoot was for 's Oscars Issue, the memories came flooding back to their voyage to Hollywood in 2009.and now a student at Connecticut's Choate prep school -- of the film's eight statuettes won at the 2009 Oscars, including best picture and best director for Danny Boyle.The film, a kinetic tale of reaching for game-show riches amid the Mumbai slums, cast six young actors to play Jamal (Dev Patel), Jamal's brother Salim (Madhur Mittal) and love interest Latika (Freida Pinto) at different ages.

Says Boyle of Fox Searchlight's efforts to fly them all to the Oscars: "Some of the kids don't know their birth dates, so getting them a passport was a nightmare." Q&A: Danny Boyle Looks Back on the Kids and Controversy of ' Slumdog Millionaire' Upon landing, the kids were whisked via armored car to Brooks Brothers for fittings; hours later, they were on the red carpet, fielding cheek pinches from the likes of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

(For Chheda, it was Miley Cyrus who made the biggest impression: "I was a crazy Miley fan," he laughs.) But controversy accompanied the film's triumph as the two poorest children, Azharuddin Ismail and Rubina Ali, returned home amid reports of abuse, bulldozed shanties and infighting among opportunistic family members.

(One tabloid said Ali's father tried to "sell" her for $400,000; he denied it.) "We were aware we would have to make provisions for the children," says Boyle, who admits the backlash caught him off guard.

Boyle designated Ismail and Ali, both now 15, as beneficiaries of a trust with an emphasis on completing school.

Ismail is clear that the trust is making a difference: "I used to live in a slum.

Now I live in a nice apartment and go to a good school." While the director concedes there are concerns ranging from the kids' attendance to what will happen to the money they'll receive for finishing their education, he is proud that, for now, they're "benefiting hugely." "Wow! " That was one phrase heard again and again as the young actors excitedly reunited for the first time in over four years for a photo shoot in Mumbai on Feb. Ayush Khedekar (unforgettable as the outhouse-diving Young Jamal) couldn't make it due to ongoing school exams, and was photographed separately the next day at his home.

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