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Smartdating com - Online sex

After what they put me through, I am NOT willing to let them deter me.... I was also able to put two dating sites "on notice" that I filed a report with

I believe that is deliberate in its focus to set women up to be preyed upon. By posting the two scammers here, they were forced to re-establish their fake identities and I was able to keep a couple of potential victims from becoming bankrupt through these scams.That is the positive that came from it...also, I became educated regarding what to look for when reviewing possible "dates" - and I cannot get over how easy it is to spot these liars knowing what I know now.I wanted to give up on the dating sites, too - believe me, I know how you feel.The only thing - besides my own need for a good relationship with a good guy - that kept me from throwing in the towel on this whole dating thing was that I knew the scammers would win if I did.I have had replies from several "men" from the site: Fredrick Johnson, supposedly from UK, of German descent, lovely picture, promising undying love and God-fearing.His mother died, his wife died, is an importer/exporter.

I told him I would like to have a conversation via IM & he disappeared.

Also Fred Dean, unsure what happened to his wife but lives in NJ, is of German descent, is an exporter/importer.

He agreed to have a chat via IM, where he promised undying love and has disappeared.

Then Darren Penny, who lost his wife, lives with his 13 yr old son & Leonberger dog, who is supposedly American but sounds like he is from India when we chatted on the phone for a minute when he told me his phone connection wasn't working.

I told him via email he sounded suspiciously not what he said he was and the correspondence ended. I joined this forum at the beginning of January 2011 because I was the victim of two romance scams in a row.....really shakes your faith that there are any REAL and decent men out there to date.

Tom Bruce, who is from Houston, TX and American, when asked about his likes and dislikes, suddenly told me he was not in the States, and the food he eats is not the same kind of food I eat. I think there are no real men available to date; just a scam to prey on women who are legitimately looking for a relationship. The whole experience was a nightmare for me but, thanks to this site, I became empowered to do something about it.

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