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Triple Fire plays at pm; the battle between Second Shift and Champagne Tap takes place at 7 pm. Battle of the Bands is FREE and open to the public. Arrowhead Health Centers recently celebrated the grand opening of a new Scottsdale location at 2629 N. It offers a multi-specialty team of family physicians, physical therapists, pain-management physicians, chiropractors and massage therapists in one central location so that accessing care is more convenient for families.

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District Medical Group (DMS), recently selected by United Healthcare, will manage the Phoenix Multi-specialty Interdisciplinary Clinic for the CRS program.Two new health facilities opened in Phoenix and Scottsdale this week, and two events of note sponsored by medical centers take place this Saturday, September 29. The “Stork Express” takes place on Saturday, September 29 from 10 a.m. Children’s Rehabilitative Services (CRS) will serve those children from birth to age 21 who have some of the most serious health conditions and are also enrolled in Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS).Here’s a rundown of this week’s events from the Valley’s medical community: Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s own band, Champagne Tap, will compete against Salt River Project’s band, Second Shift, to see which group can raise the most money for PCH. Young patients will benefit from having all of their specialists and primary care services in one building.Champagne Tap includes Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s orthopedic surgeon Greg White, M. Sean Mc Laughlin, news anchor/reporter for CBS 5, will emcee. The new facility, located in the northwest area of Park Central mall in central Phoenix, features 100 exam rooms, all on a single level, and claims to be the largest multidisciplinary clinic in the state of Arizona with capacity to treat more than 16,000 patients each year. Donations to Phoenix Children’s Hospital are welcome. 29, Banner Baywood Medical Center in east Mesa will hold a “speed dating” event for expectant mothers who will have a chance to meet six different OB/GYNs. The group runs centers in Mesa and Glendale, and plans to open a location in the Surprise/Sun City area in November 2012.“This is truly a new day for patients with special needs,” said Sheila Shapiro, chief operations officer for United Healthcare.

When I did my student teaching on an American Indian reservation I became a different person that has lasted until this day.

I believe that native people live on a higher plain of consciousness.

They feel and see things that white man cannot or will not imagine.

They are both beautiful and haunting within my heart.

Today author Krista Lynn has graciously decided to share with us some of her mysterious past.

I have to admit this book, Blood Stones, is on my list of must reads.

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