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Updating openoffice org - Free Online

It is not a coincidence that the portfolio is also available in Finnish, nor that the Curriculum Vitae and about page have also been updated. The need to work around a bug getting my new Nokia E61 phone to speak with Exim4 got me around to updating the chrooting scripts for Stunnel to work with Debian Etch. If any VPS dies, it does not hose the main system allowing me to restore within minutes instead of reinstalling and configuring everything from scratch.This also allows several auxiliary benefits, including easy migration to newer server hardware when that time comes and easy server resource management. On February 20th, a routine upgrade of the server software using the Debian package manager failed horribly.

As of today, I am formally a Software Designer at Sulake Dynamoid.My main focus will be working on IRC-Galleria, the largest online community in Finland.The site boasts a whopping 800,000 member visits a week and is thus one of the world’s most active online communities.I have been interested in virtual communities for some time now (heck, I started one too) and the opportunity to work in the field professionally is something of a dream come true.I anticipate a lot of challenging work ahead but also many opportunities to further my skills in an exceptional working environment.To find me at IRC-Galleria, look for a certain yakbrain.

Last year’s gingerbread train has been added to the collection.

Having just finished this year’s [as of yet secret] project and with Santa lurking around the corner, it was high time.

I may be a bit early, but Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!!

The tsampa listing has been enriched with Ann Lachman’s Purple Mountain Tsampa.

She takes mail orders, so you don’t have to live in Massachusetts to enjoy her meticulously produced white and purple tsampa. Not being able to track down the problem to either something I did or a Debian bug, I decided on adding another layer of protection.

Having put web sites online since 2001, a web portfolio was long overdue. All services at are now running as virtual private servers (VPS) under Open VZ.

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