What is relative dating geology

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What is relative dating geology - Online sex

Richardson & Blundell (1996) summarized the proposed structural models into three main groups, resulting mainly from near-surface observations on Timor: 1.

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by invoking obduction as being the major mechanism in the emplacement of southern Tethyan crust onto the passive Australian continental margin.From the inner (Banda Sea) side to the outer (Foreland Basin) side the following belts has been distinguished in the Outer Banda Arc geology by de Smet (1999, Figure 1): 1.An ophiolite belt, which is in general blocky and narrow, 2.A metamorphic belt, composed of low to high grade metamorphosed rocks, 3.The Banda Arc, a west facing horse-shoe shaped arc in eastern Indonesia, defines the locus of three converging and colliding major plates, the Indo-Australia Plate, the Pacific Plate, and the Eurasian Plate.Splinters of the Mesozoic southern Tethyan crust now form the base of the Banda Sea.

On the surrounding islands, dismembered ophiolites can be found in high mountains.

Recent studies in the metamorphic aureoles at the base of these ophiolites have revealed a new alternative for the explanation of the complex tectonic development of the arc, i.e.

A thrust and fold belt dominated by Permo-Triassic and Jurassic sediments of Australian continental margin origin. A thrust and fold belt dominated by Late Mesozoic and Tertiary deep water sediments 5. Despite the many local exceptions in the order of these five belts, the general trend in the Outer Banda Arc seems to be that older rocks associated with ophiolites occur at the inner side of the arc, and younger rocks associated with young basins occur at the outer side.

This order is not a logical one in terms of plate tectonic theory.

The origin of the arc has been a subject of continuing controversy and proposals then be grouped into three: 1.

The arc was formed by just a simple 180° counterclockwise rotation of an originally straighter east-west trending arc, by which its northern part has rotated relative to the southern part (Katili, 1975; Carrey, 1976; Audley-Charles, 1972; Carter et al., 1976). The arc has had achieved its present curvature at least from Late Cretaceous (Norvick, 1979). The arc was formed by a pieces of northern margin of the Australian continental masses leading to the enclosure of the Banda Sea oceanic basin (Silver et al., 1985; Bowin et al., 1980; Lee & Mc Cabe, 1986; Lapouille et al., 1985; Pigram & Panggabean, 1983, 1984; Hartono, 1990a).

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