Who is rapper fabolous dating 2016

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Who is rapper fabolous dating 2016 - Free Online

May 17, 2016: Rapper Fabolous and his longtime GF Emily have been together since FOREVER.And rapper Fabolous has been CHEATING on Emily for just as long. Fabolous was in ATLANTA this weekend, at a WHITE PARTY at the popular GOLD ROOM. According to the streets, rapper Fabolous was at the party with reality star India Westbrooks.

India is best known for dating rapper THE GAME, and for starring in her own BET reality series.Fabolous was in ATLANTA this weekend, at the WHITE PARTY at the popular GOLD ROOM.Fab wasn’t there alone, According to the streets, he was at the party with India Westbrooks.People at the event claim that Fab and India are dating but where was Emily?This is an event she should have been invited to since she is a celebrity stylist and all.Rapper Fabolous and his longtime girlfriend Emily B have been together and it seems like forever.

The rapper has allegedly cheated on the celebrity stylist on numerous occasions, he has two children with her but he has never married her. He’s getting the milk for free and Emily B allows his behavior.

Now, allegedly the rapper has been cheating on his baby mama with BET reality star, India Westbrooks.

If these allegations are true, Emily needs to run for the hills because he will never marry her.

India is a spoiled and she expects men to fall at her feet, I can’t see Fabolous being that man but I’m sure India is aware Fab and Emily B are still in a relationship.

He does have two children by her and India is no stranger to dating rappers, ballers or entertainers.

She has the nastiest attitude, that’s why she gets so much back lash from the fans.

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