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Hall in New York.)Bowie is depicted in the “Lazarus” video wearing a shroud while lying on a wooden bed with — a la Greek mythology — coins on his eyes.

When it comes to the occult and cults that deploy numbers in the use of magic, Pythagoras is the father of numbers and his teachings are venerated by all of the mystery schools.The members of the Illuminati believe also that a chance of success is more likely if the same number is multiplied several times so they will schedule a special event on a date that has arun of three numbers Rock musician David Bowie jokingly makes devils horns in front of his head as he delivers the commencement address May 8 at the 1999 graduation ceremonies of the Berklee College of Music in Boston. or 8+5=13 (1999 is 1 666) 6 and 9 can always be reversed.Thirteen is simultaneously a lucky and unlucky number.In “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”, author Manly P. Pythagoras taught only the initiates in his own mystery school the secrets of number systems.The Illuminati very closely follow the precepts first introduced by Pythagoras.

Among the magical mysteries were prime numbers (numbers that have no divisors other than themselves.

These numbers which included 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, and so on were widely worshiped by the Illuminati cult in numerology particularly when it comes to setting dates forevents.

In recent years Bowie’s career revived once again despite his keeping a relatively low public profile – three years ago The Next Day was a best-seller, while new album Blackstar – tipped to go straight to number one this week – has received positive reviews.

My entire career, I’ve only really worked with the same subject matter,” Bowie told The Associated Press in a 2002 interview.

“The trousers may change, but the actual words and subjects I’ve always chosen to write with are things to do with isolation, abandonment, fear and anxiety — all of the high points of one’s life.”In a video made for his final album “Blackstar,” Bowie turns to the New Testament character Lazarus.

It is a moving song from the point of view of a newly deceased man who is talking about what’s going on “down below.” (The song is also used in Bowie’s co-written stage production “Lazarus” starring Michael C.

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